Tom Lukiwski Condemns Actions of Project Hero Protestors
March 24, 2010

(Ottawa) Regina-Lumsden-Lake Centre MP Tom Lukiwski today condemned the actions of a group of University of Regina professors who are protesting the Project Hero scholarship.

Project Hero provides free tuition for the children of Canadian soldiers killed in action. The scholarship is an initiative of Kevin Reed, a Toronto businessman and retired general Rick Hillier. Sixteen U of R professors have written to the U of R president demanding that the university have nothing to do with the scholarship, which the professors believe glorifies the Afghan conflict.

“Project Hero has two goals – to honour our troops who make the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms and to show sympathy and support for their families who must endure great loss and pain for the sake of their country,” said Lukiwski.

“I find it truly sad that anyone would try to make some sort of political point at the expense of children who have lost a parent. The only word I can think of to describe these actions is 'heartless'. It is frankly astonishing that these professors – who are supposed to be educators and are supposed to reflect a higher level of wisdom – could show so little sympathy or understanding for ordinary people.”

“Our troops are the defenders of our Canadian values. They deserve our respect, no matter whether you agree or disagree with the military conflict in which they serve. Soldiers do not decide what conflicts they serve in. It is not appropriate to make political points at their expense and it is certainly not appropriate to do so with their children and families.”

Lukiwski demanded that the professors withdraw their protest and issue a public letter of apology to all Canadian soldiers and their families.