MP Report - November 2020

November 01, 2020

Do you remember the early days after Justin Trudeau was elected? There was all that talk about “sunny ways”, “transparency”, “Canada is back” and so forth.

It appears that the Canada that Trudeau has taken us back to is the era of corruption under the Liberal government of the 1990s, as unveiled by the Gomery Inquiry. Unethical behaviour, it seems, is baked into the DNA of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Almost from the outset of the current Liberal government, Justin Trudeau has gotten his hand caught in the cookie jar in ways that have earned him rebukes from the Ethics Commissioner. First, there was his taxpayer-paid family vacation to the private island of his close personal friend, the Aga Khan. Next he tried to pressure then-Attorney General Judy Wilson-Raybould into quashing a criminal prosecution against his corporate friends at SNC-Lavalin.

Most recently, as we all know, he was censured for awarding an over $900 million contract to the WE Charity, an organization with close ties to the Trudeau family and which has previously paid speakers’ fees to Trudeau family members.

You could be forgiven for thinking that the WE scandal is over because the federal Liberals have done everything to avoid further scrutiny and to make the public forget that Justin Trudeau has been caught in a blatant conflict-of-interest ethics breach – the depths of which have yet to be discovered.

First, at the end of the summer Trudeau prorogued Parliament, effectively suspending the Ethics Committee’s scrutiny of Liberal corruption.

When Parliament resumed and the opposition members of the Ethics Committee tried to revive the investigation, the Liberal members filibustered the committee to prevent it coming to a vote.

When the opposition parties tried to establish a special committee specifically to investigate the WE scandal, Trudeau threatened a snap election. Supported by the NDP (who are too broke to fight another election), they voted against the special committee.

In the latest twist, when the Ethics Committee ordered the release of documents related to all public speaking fees Trudeau has collected, the public speakers’ agency that represents Trudeau claimed that five years worth of documents about Trudeau’s speaking engagements had been destroyed.

Given all the efforts the Liberals have made to avoid further scrutiny, it appears that there is still much more to this story to be revealed. The Conservative Opposition will not rest until we get to the bottom of this scandal and hold the Liberals and Justin Trudeau to account for their corrupt and unethical actions.