Canadians Deserve Access to Rapid Tests: MP Rempel Garner

September 29, 2020

OTTAWA, ON – The Hon. Michelle Rempel Garner, Shadow Minister for Health, issued the following statement regarding reports that a global initiative will supply 120 million rapid antigen tests to low-income countries while Canadians still have no access to rapid testing or at-home testing:


“Many of our G-7 allies already have access to rapid and at-home testing and now they are contributing to an initiative to ensure that low-income countries have those same tests. So why don’t Canadians have those tests?


“COVID-19 cases are surging across Canada, lineups to get a test can be hours long, and there are reports that people are being forced to self-isolate for days as they wait for their test results. This means that Canadians are being forced to choose between a paycheque and getting tested. It's creating inequity for those who face challenges in getting to a testing centre. Justin Trudeau needs to explain why he has made no progress in getting at-home and rapid testing deployed in our country.


“Canadians have done their part for months because they believed that their government was developing an actual plan. But once again, the Trudeau Liberals have let Canadians down. This is part of a larger pattern of federal inaction or slow-to-react pandemic policies that have cost us precious time.


“Conservatives will continue to fight for a real plan to deal with the second wave. Trudeau’s Health Minister cannot stand idly by while other countries approve and distribute rapid tests.”