Christmas Message 2017

December 12, 2017

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone in Moose Jaw-Lake Centre-Lanigan! Christmas is a time of goodwill, a time when we can all celebrate life, take stock of the past year and prepare for the next.


The past year has been another year full of life, activity and change. Much has been positive. After a few years of economic downturn, the Saskatchewan economy is showing signs of a strong recovery. With oil prices once again around $50 a barrel, we should soon see jobs returning to the Saskatchewan oil patch and royalty revenues coming back into provincial coffers.


Looking around the world, our hearts go out to the people of the Caribbean and the southern U.S who are still recovering from devastating hurricanes. I know that many of us in Saskatchewan have family and friends who were affected by these terrifying storms. On behalf of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, I would like to extend our nation’s continued best wishes and support on their road to recovery.


It was not only the forces of nature that put our world in turmoil this year. Horrifying acts of terror have become almost daily occurrences. In the face of these problems, it is more important than ever that we       remember the lessons of the Christmas season – that hate cannot be defeated by hate but only through love and understanding.


Closer to home, the past year saw the departure of Premier Brad Wall, perhaps the most popular Saskatchewan premier of all time. His accomplishments on behalf of Saskatchewan people is extensive. He will be sorely missed. I look forward to working with the next Saskatchewan Premier as the Saskatchewan Party completes its leadership selection process early in the New Year.


Ultimately, the real meaning of this season comes down to each of us in our own homes. Christmas is an opportunity to spend some quality time with our families. New Year’s allows us to reflect on the past year and resolve to do better next year, whether that is spending more time with our families, doing community work, furthering our education or - for some of us - going on a post-Christmas diet.


But, particularly at this time of goodwill, we must remember those who are less fortunate than ourselves, including some of our elderly, disabled, chronically sick or young people at risk.


We must also remember those people, particularly in the caring professions and emergency services, who cannot take time off over the holidays. They deserve our deepest gratitude and respect.


As we share and enjoy the traditions of the season, let us also remember the sacrifice of our Canadian Forces. Many of them are celebrating Christmas away from their families as they work to ensure that all the world’s citizens are able to live with the values that we as Canadians hold so dear.


On behalf of my wife Diane and myself let me wish everyone a very happy Christmas and healthy and prosperous New Year. May you all enjoy God's blessings throughout the coming year.