Liberal Infrastructure Funding Fails to Create Jobs: Watts & Berthold

September 22, 2016

OTTAWA, ON - The Official Opposition’s Infrastructure Critic, Dianne Watts, and Deputy Critic, Luc Berthold, are concerned that under the Liberal government’s watch only six new infrastructure projects began construction this year. They issued the following statement earlier today:

“Since the last election, the Liberals have been using infrastructure spending to try and justify this year’s $30 billion deficit. However, it is now clear that the government’s spending has failed to create jobs or create economic growth. 

“In Budget 2016, $3.4 billion was allocated for Public Transit and $2.4 billion for Clean Water and Wastewater projects over 3 years under the Liberals’ Phase 1 Infrastructure Plan. But an open data list of projects on the Government of Canada’s website shows that only 6 projects worth a combined total of $8.5 million actually started construction this year.

“This is a clear indicator that the Liberals have no plan to stimulate the economy or create much needed jobs across Canada, despite promises made during the election and in their first budget. This is especially concerning following a summer that saw low economic growth and numerous job losses. 

“Alberta has also yet to receive the $700 million from the Conservative New Building Canada Fund that the Prime Minister promised to fast-track back in February. 

“The loss of a construction season is very disappointing. The Liberals have gone around the country announcing and re-announcing infrastructure dollars, but when you actually look at the results very little has been accomplished. Canadians need jobs, and six projects worth $8.5 million isn’t going to cut it. Canadian communities need real support, now.”