Lukiwski Condemns Liberal Gun Over-Reach

May 01, 2020

Tom Lukiwski, MP for Moose Jaw-Lake Centre-Lanigan, today added his voice to nation-wide condemnations for Liberal government’s sweeping gun ban.


Prime Minister Trudeau today announced a ban on over 1,500 firearms. The ban was done through Order-in-Council rather than by legislation, meaning that the measures will not be voted on in Parliament.


“You’ve heard the expression about minority governments acting as though they had a majority. Trudeau has taken this one step further – he has a minority government that acts like a dictatorship,” Lukiwski said.


“Firearms bans have been part of the Liberal playbook for decades. I think it’s shameful that Trudeau is exploiting the high emotions around the Nova Scotia murders and the weakened state of Parliament during the pandemic to push through a purely partisan policy.”


“This is knee-jerk policy that would do nothing to prevent tragedies like the one in Nova Scotia. In that case, the murderer did not have a firearms license – could not have bought guns legally in any case – and purchased illegal weapons from the United States. Trudeau’s response has been to make it harder for licensed, law-abiding gun owners to acquire firearms for sport, hunting and animal control purposes.”


Lukiwski challenged the prime minister to bring the issue to a vote in a House of Commons.


“It’s high time that Trudeau stop circumventing democracy. It is high time he got the message that he did not win the last election. He did not win the popular vote and he doesn’t have the majority of votes in the House of Commons. He does not have the power he thinks he does. It’s time that he stop using the pandemic as an excuse to behave like a tin-pot dictator.”