Out-of-control Liberal borrowing won’t create jobs, and means higher taxes in Saskatchewan

March 22, 2016

Moose Jaw, SK — The Liberals are borrowing and spending tens of billions of taxpayer dollars, and to pay the bill, they are raising taxes on families, workers and job-creating businesses, says MP Tom Lukiwski. The reckless Liberal plan simply grows the size of government and will do nothing to actually create jobs, according to the MP.

“When it comes to spending taxpayer money, the Liberals just can’t help themselves,” said Lukiwski. “Canadians should be concerned that the Liberals are failing to do what is necessary to encourage the private sector to invest in our economy and create well-paying, high-quality jobs.”

On Tuesday March 22nd, the Liberals introduced their 2016 federal budget. The Budget confirms that the Liberals are raising taxes on families, youth and small businesses. Despite spending nearly $30 billion in borrowed money, the Liberal budget has no clear plan to help get unemployed Canadians back to work.

“While Conservatives support some measures in the budget, this isn’t a real plan to create jobs,” said Lukiwski. “Instead the Liberals are handing money from one politician to another, raising taxes on businesses, and driving jobs and investment away.  Businesses will not invest in the Canadian economy if they do not know the cost of doing business.”

More than 100,000 Canadians from across the country are out of work in the oil and gas industry alone. Canada`s unemployment rate has increased for three consecutive months, despite the Liberal Government spending billions of dollars during the same time period.

“The Conservatives left the Liberal Government with a $3 billion surplus, and we focused on keeping taxes low and supporting policies that helped create more than a million jobs. Conservatives know the recipe for job creation and economic growth: low taxes, free trade and spending taxpayer money responsibly.”