Any Canadian citizen is eligible for a Canadian passport.The following outlines the steps required to obtain a passport for a Canadian living in Canada. Please refer to the main page of the Passport Canada web site if you are a Canadian living outside of Canada. To ensure your application is processed in a timely fashion, please be sure to submit all the necessary documents with your application.

To obtain a passport, you must:

  • Sign and complete all pages of the application form. (Find out where to obtain application forms).
  • Provide two identical passport photos taken within the last 12 months.
  • Have the application form and one photo signed by an eligible guarantor.
  • Provide original proof of Canadian citizenship.
  • Provide any previous Canadian travel document issued to you within the last five years such as a passport, a certificate of identity or a travel document.
  • Provide at least one document to support your identity with your current name and signature, such as a driver’s license, a provincial health care card, an old age security card, etc.
    If you submit original supporting documents, they will be returned to you. If you are submitting photocopies, your guarantor must sign and date the photocopies to indicate that the originals have been seen.
  • Your place of birth must be provided on the application form. If you do not wish the place of birth to appear in the passport, submit a written request. Be sure to contact the consulate or embassy of every country you plan to visit to ensure that you will be admitted if the passport does not include your place of birth.
  • Pay the appropriate passport fee.

Important: Please indicate the date of your travel (if known) in the “Date of Travel” field provided at the top of the application form. The issuing office will do its best to accommodate your needs.